Here you can:
Find Taranaki people, groups and businesses (suppliers) and the different skills, knowledge, local products or services (resources) they can share.

Choose to use and support these valuable resources.

Bee in hive- If you live in Taranaki, this is your hive and you may have skills, knowledge, local products or services that can be included here, and so will many of your family, friends and neighbours, or you might just have heard of somebody.
Nominate yourself, and all the people you know of, who also have skills, knowledge, local products or services to contribute to a buzzing Taranaki hive.

How hive works:

All suppliers and their resources fit into one or more categories in the hive, which are all about providing:
healthy, nutritious food, clean water, conserving our local natural resources and utilising them sustainably
right livelihoods for people, trading locally & increasing cashflow within Taranaki
safe, secure, healthy places to live and essential health services
assistance for people to connect with each other, supporting co-operative communities and neighbourhoods
fast and effective communication and energy-efficient transport