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Tips for your Interior Decoration

Colour Ideas for Your Living Room

Living rooms are the social hub of families, guests and friends. Unlike Kitchens and bedrooms, lot of time is spent in interior decoration of the living room as it is the most exposed part of your home. This gives you a lot of opportunity to play with your color palettes to find a suitable set of colors which give a statement of style to your living room, later allowing you to mix and match these colors to paint your bedrooms and other rooms. 

Colour Play 

Colour plays a very influential role in emotions. Blending different shades in living rooms and pairing it up with contrasting/matching household items create a “feel” in you whenever you enter your home. Decide what kind of atmosphere you want to live in and accordingly decide your interior decoration. Here are some colour ideas for your living rooms that shows off its different energies. 

Interior decoration

Tantalizing Turquoise  

Pick the correct shades of blue that fills your mornings with effervescence and gives you a cozy night. Have a statement dark blue drapes or sofa that adds personality to your living room. Mix a few lighter shades for the woodwork, throw pillows, shutters. Throwing some white on artwork, lights or coffee tables can give a cooling influence contrary to the radiating blue.

Mild Mulberry 

Interior Decoration Sydney PTY recommends to use plum tones in your living room that compliments spring and keeps you warm during winter. Bring a rich element by keeping plum or wine red base. Decorate with dusky, soft grey colors which will prevent the red shade to go to alarming levels.

If you are not too inclined towards having a theme but a simple statement style, here are some ideas to make an eye catching living room.

Take it High 

Ceilings are mostly not given any importance in the field of interior decoration. But if you are planning to keep your living room in pale, cream or white palette, decorate your ceiling with florals or deep curves. Use illusions to create tomb like paintings on a flat ceiling.

Accent your wall 

Pick one out of four walls that is completely exposed and not blocked with furniture’s or art work. Paint a bold shade that’s visually energizing, creating a focal point in your room. Pick this as an opportunity to paint a custom wall mural.

Turn Heads Down 

Accent styles can also be used on floors. Paint your floors in a color that contacts your living room, creating a signature style living room. You can drop into a plethora of ideas by mixing two colors for a chessboard style, or using glow paints to bring energy in the night. If you already have tiles on, then stain the concrete to get a marble or granite finish.

Create texture 

Texture painting can be don’t anywhere like walls or ceilings. For a sweet look, create a palette of pastel colours and texture it on a bold colored wall. Match walls and shelves or drapes to give highlight to the textures. One important note is to use muted shades on top of gold colors for visibility. You might need a few rolling and brushing equipment for texturing that are simple to use. 

Go Metallica 

Keeping best for the last, try to fix unevenness or broken paint with a thin sheet of gold paper. Some tricks of guilt-free interior decoration is to fill your mistakes with gold foil that not only enhances the beauty but completely hides the flaws. It should be large enough to be noticeable and small enough so it doesn’t go overdrive with eye-squinting luster. It gives your living room an antique look with style.